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Marina Ortiz

Marina gave a workshop on her work with the East Harlem Preservation.

Doctor G Fights for Harlem

by Ada Gonzalez 29 Jul 2013

Two wonderful ladies came to speak to our team today, Vicky who spoke about Harlem and Deedee who spoke to us about community media.

Marina Ortiz Speaks

by Bana Kaleab 29 Jul 2013

Marina Ortiz came to talk about the history of East Harlem as well as the work she's doing inside the community.

In-house Workshop with Marina Ortiz

by Raliat Akesode 25 Jul 2013

An Eye opener to the history and culture of East Harlem

A Visionary Woman

by Melissa Hernandez 25 Jul 2013

Impacting the Community doesn't come easy. Meet a lady who has dedicated herself to doing just that.

Marina's Workshop & The Science Fair

by Raelene Holmes 25 Jul 2013

Workshop day and science fair trip!

Netia McCray

Netia shared her experiences being a Black female entrepreneur.

Google Hangout with Netia McCray

by Nafretiry Philippe 24 Aug 2013

Lets change the statistics and stereotypes of African-American people!

Rushaine McBean

Rushaine shared her insight on life as a web developer.

Rushaine from Levo Hangout

by Bana Kaleab 29 Aug 2013

On August 22 we hung out with Rushaine Levo. She informed us about her career and history using the computer.

Ms.McBean workshop

by Cheyanne Konate 12 Aug 2013

Rushaine McBean explains how it feels to be a Web Developer!