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Def Dance Jam Fundraiser and Dance class

by Bana Kaleab 29 Aug 2013

In mid-July I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Aziza, founder of Def Dance Jam. Sister Azia has been in the dancing industry for many years.

Aziza's Fundraiser and Dance Class

by Ada Gonzalez 29 Aug 2013

Our team had a wonderful experience today with Aziza at the dance class.

Meeting Melvin

by Melissa Hernandez 19 Aug 2013

Visiting Melvin and his Video Arts team at MIST Harlem.

Melvin McCray and Intro to Mist Harlem

by Nafretiry Philippe 08 Aug 2013

Seeing Harlem through another's eyes

Workshop at MIST

by Ada Gonzalez 08 Aug 2013

Our team met Melvin McCray, a retired editor from ABC news, and learned what he did and what he is doing with his interns.

Journey to McCray

by Raelene Holmes 08 Aug 2013

A personal reflection on my visit to Melvin McCray's video production class.

Workshop at MIST Harlem

by Bana Kaleab 08 Aug 2013

Today we took a trip to MIST Harlem. There, we met Melvin McCray and the summer interns working on film projects.

WHCR 90.3 FM

by Raelene Holmes 26 Jul 2013

Our visit to the radio station was intimidating to me, until I was comforted by the peaceful vibe that was distributed there.