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My LadyBot named Dolores Huerta

by Cheyanne Konate 29 Jul 2013

Dolores Huerta is a labor leader and civil rights activist.

Sonia Sotomayor

by Melissa Hernandez 23 Jul 2013

Meet one of the most inspirational woman in the United States.

My LadyBot, Sojourner Truth

by Nafretiry Philippe 23 Jul 2013

A woman who fought against slavery and won!

Rosa Parks

by Ada Gonzalez 23 Jul 2013

Rosa Parks was an African-American civil rights activist who stood up for her rights. One person can a make difference in the world.

Grace Hopper

by Raelene Holmes 23 Jul 2013

An extraordinary programmer

Audre Lorde

by Bana Kaleab 23 Jul 2013

Audre Lorde was born on February 18, 1934 in the great city of New York.

Ada Lovelace (Founder of Scientific Computing)

by Raliat Akesode 23 Jul 2013

Ada Lovelace is the founder of scientific computing. Yes, computer science was founded by a woman.


Def Dance Jam Fundraiser and Dance class

by Bana Kaleab 29 Aug 2013

In mid-July I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Aziza, founder of Def Dance Jam. Sister Azia has been in the dancing industry for many years.

Aziza's Fundraiser and Dance Class

by Ada Gonzalez 29 Aug 2013

Our team had a wonderful experience today with Aziza at the dance class.

Meeting Melvin

by Melissa Hernandez 19 Aug 2013

Visiting Melvin and his Video Arts team at MIST Harlem.

Melvin McCray and Intro to Mist Harlem

by Nafretiry Philippe 08 Aug 2013

Seeing Harlem through another's eyes

Workshop at MIST

by Ada Gonzalez 08 Aug 2013

Our team met Melvin McCray, a retired editor from ABC news, and learned what he did and what he is doing with his interns.

Journey to McCray

by Raelene Holmes 08 Aug 2013

A personal reflection on my visit to Melvin McCray's video production class.

Workshop at MIST Harlem

by Bana Kaleab 08 Aug 2013

Today we took a trip to MIST Harlem. There, we met Melvin McCray and the summer interns working on film projects.

WHCR 90.3 FM

by Raelene Holmes 26 Jul 2013

Our visit to the radio station was intimidating to me, until I was comforted by the peaceful vibe that was distributed there.


Dr. Vargas Lecture

by Bana Kaleab 29 Aug 2013

The Waves of Change interns and I were privileged enough to get the chance to meet Dr. Claudina Vargas.

SClaudina Gives a Surprise Visit

by Raliat Akesode 22 Aug 2013

Today we received a surprise visit from Claudina's mother Dr. SClaudina Vargas.

Media Workshop

by Raliat Akesode 29 Jul 2013

Media activist's, DeeDee Halleck, workshop on media.

Meeting the Maker

by Melissa Hernandez 24 Jul 2013

The one and only DeeDee visits Waves of Change; wise words and perspectives are given on social media.

DeeDee & Dr. G's Workshop

by Raelene Holmes 24 Jul 2013

Listening to Dr. G and DeeDee share their insight

Doctor G Fights for Harlem

by Ada Gonzalez 29 Jul 2013

Two wonderful ladies came to speak to our team today, Vicky who spoke about Harlem and Deedee who spoke to us about community media.

Marina Ortiz Speaks

by Bana Kaleab 29 Jul 2013

Marina Ortiz came to talk about the history of East Harlem as well as the work she's doing inside the community.

In-house Workshop with Marina Ortiz

by Raliat Akesode 25 Jul 2013

An Eye opener to the history and culture of East Harlem

A Visionary Woman

by Melissa Hernandez 25 Jul 2013

Impacting the Community doesn't come easy. Meet a lady who has dedicated herself to doing just that.

Marina's Workshop & The Science Fair

by Raelene Holmes 25 Jul 2013

Workshop day and science fair trip!

Google Hangout with Netia McCray

by Nafretiry Philippe 24 Aug 2013

Lets change the statistics and stereotypes of African-American people!

Rushaine from Levo Hangout

by Bana Kaleab 29 Aug 2013

On August 22 we hung out with Rushaine Levo. She informed us about her career and history using the computer.

Ms.McBean workshop

by Cheyanne Konate 12 Aug 2013

Rushaine McBean explains how it feels to be a Web Developer!

Summer News

The Chase and the Trial

by Melissa Hernandez 19 Aug 2013

Follow Edward and Snowden and Bradley Manning's infamous story being USA's security breachers and whistleblowers.

Edward Snowden and Bradely Manning

by Bana Kaleab 05 Aug 2013

Edward Snowden and Bradely Manning are on thin waters with the American government. See how they ended up being on the United States' bad side.

The Manning and Snowden Trials

by Cheyanne Konate 05 Aug 2013

My opinion on the Manning and Snowden case.

Manning and Snowden help and hurt the U.S..

by Nafretiry Philippe 31 Jul 2013

Manning and Snowden HELP AND HURT the United States

Web Design

Learning About Web Design

by Ada Gonzalez 29 Jul 2013

Our team Waves of Change brain-stormed how we wanted our web-page to look. The designing of our web-page has begun!

Design Intentions

by Nafretiry Philippe 29 Jul 2013

Steps to design the waves of change master piece website!!

Web Design Content

by Raelene Holmes 24 Jul 2013

Learning about web content

Let the Designs Begin

by Melissa Hernandez 23 Jul 2013

The process of developing our Waves of Change website has begun!